Motorway Construction

A Look at Motorway Construction

In 1921 Germany opened the world’s first effort at a motorway, the 12 mile stretch of dual carriageway in southern Berlin, the first of the Autobahns.

In 1926 Italy opened its first effort at a motorway. It carried two carriageways, one going each way, but was the precursor of the Autostrada, and in the course of the next fifteen years around 250miles of multi-lane fast road was Continue reading “Motorway Construction”

School Training Programs

School Training

As with all things in the modern world, nothing stands still and ongoing training for school provisions have advanced over the years.

Many external companies provide different school related services which may include, assemblies, out of hours lessons, sports activities, PE classes, swimming lessons and curriculums as well as teacher training, all the way through to first aid training.

These training services and lessons are Continue reading “School Training Programs”

Safe Online Shopping

Keeping Your Shopping Online Safe

Shopping online is easy, it can be fun, simple, and save money, but there are a few things which can get overlooked by maybe not thinking straight, or rushing your online time, which could affect your shopping outcome in ways that can be avoided, and they are your online security.

It is second nature to nearly all of us to recognise basic security. When we leave the house to go shopping, we lock the doors. Before that we close the windows (glass, not Microsoft), and put the keys in a safe purse or pocket. Second nature.

When we park the car, we lock it, and when walking Continue reading “Safe Online Shopping”

Website Backlink Building

How To Build A Quality Backlink

If you don’t know the ingredients that make up a high quality backlink then how are you ever going to create one (or more) to aid your website search rankings?

A backlink needs to pass it’s trust and authority to your website, so you need to be sure that the potential link site has good trust and authority metrics to pass in the first Continue reading “Website Backlink Building”

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is Coming

Won’t be long now, as the autumn days grow shorter and shorter, the leaves are blown from the trees, and it’s time to scrape the frost from the windscreen in the mornings.

Winter is fast approaching, and with it, like the inevitability of a tax demand, comes Christmas. With Christmas, what also inevitably arrives a thunderous month long crack down by the police on drink-driving.

Drinking and driving do not go together, and there are laws in place to discourage it, for Continue reading “Christmas is Coming”