Safe Online Shopping

Keeping Your Shopping Online Safe

Shopping online is easy, it can be fun, simple, and save money, but there are a few things which can get overlooked by maybe not thinking straight, or rushing your online time, which could affect your shopping outcome in ways that can be avoided, and they are your online security.

It is second nature to nearly all of us to recognise basic security. When we leave the house to go shopping, we lock the doors. Before that we close the windows (glass, not Microsoft), and put the keys in a safe purse or pocket. Second nature.

When we park the car, we lock it, and when walking down the High street or through the Mall, you wouldn’t think of having your purse hanging out of your handbag, or wallet sticking out of your back pocket.

You make a purchase and you count your money and check your change, or at a card terminal, you don’t let others see your PIN number.

This is all second nature, and that is how you should be online, not scared, or worried, just remember security, and work within it, so that it becomes, in the virtual world as well, second nature.

Be aware of spam or scam emails, and don’t follow links or reply to unsolicited emails from companies that you don’t recognise or have never heard of.

Whatever the device you go online with, keep an eye on the security and make sure that the antivirus and antispyware programs automatically update, which most these days do, but best to check the software from time to time.

Common sense is a good security start, and if you visit a site that you’ve never heard of for the first time, a quick appraisal always helps, such as making sure you’re happy that it all looks professional, no spelling mistakes, or low-image graphics, and that it isn’t offering something at a price that seems too good to be true, because that is probably just the case.

A reputable site should show a physical bricks and mortar address, and even a phone number to contact should the need arise. Customer comments are important, and if none are present, go on a search engine and see what others are saying before you part with any money.

Regardless of your views from a political or ideological standpoint, there is additional security from using the larger household name websites such as Amazon, eBay, BooHoo etc.

If you are looking for high quality footwear, take a look at and buy in safety on Amazon.

Always pay by credit card, as these offer far more protection than debit cards. In the event of a transaction not going to plan, you will be automatically covered under the Consumer Credit Act, which means that the card company is just as responsible as the retailer for the goods or service supplied.

This may not get you the item that you wanted, but it can give you some peace of mind!