Website Backlink Building

How To Build A Quality Backlink

If you don’t know the ingredients that make up a high quality backlink then how are you ever going to create one (or more) to aid your website search rankings?

A backlink needs to pass it’s trust and authority to your website, so you need to be sure that the potential link site has good trust and authority metrics to pass in the first place. (Use or to analyse the page or site in question).

A good backlink will help you if it meets ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Is Google Indexed
  2. Is DoFollow
  3. Is Not on an Orphan Page
  4. Is Contextual
  5. Is within Relevant Content
  6. Is from a page with Relevant Link Category
  7. Uses ‘Naturalised‘ Anchor Text
  8. Has Good Trust Score
  9. Has Good Authority Score

To summarise; your potential link page needs to rank in Google, so search for the URL (of the link site) first and if it doesn’t appear then forget about any link from it. The link also needs to be ‘dofollow’ rather than ‘nofollow’ which don’t pass trust and authority.

The page that will have your link needs to have links to it as well and these links need to pass relevant link category as this is what will pass that link category on to your page. (a page will actually pass 60% of trust score to you, so a page with a score of 20 will give your page a score of 12).

Pages without any external backlinks are called ‘orphan’ pages and don’t have any authority to pass on to you. Once an orphan page has been given authority from links pointing to it, it will pass a combination of the authority from its own links as well as a percentage from it’s home page too.

Over optimization is a big issue and very easy to do accidentally. Keep 90% of your links anchor text as your URL, variations of your URL or your Brand name.

Trust and authority score is measured from 0 – 100 and the higher scoring pages that link to you the better, however, if they pass irrelevant link category to your site then they won’t do you much good (see the case study at and can also harm your rankings so concentrate on building relevant links from pages that will pass positive link category metrics to you.

If you follow these link building guidelines as corroborated by SEO³ then you will climb online and out rank your competitors in search.

Optimizing your website is a mathematical process, of repeating the creation of quality backlinks into great content, all presented on a well designed website that is built to be search engine & mobile friendly.